Games of Chance in IN

For a charitable organization to legally offer games of chance (raffle, drawings, pull tabs, 50/50, cards, dice, wheels, guessing games) you must first apply to the Indiana Gaming Commission for either a gaming license or an Exempt Notification.  To hold a raffle (even a small Club’s 50/50) without going through the process, is breaking the letter of the law.
The IN North District is committed to helping Clubs get through the process so that we are all above reproach.
Some of our Clubs do large fundraisers and are already set up with the Gaming Commission.
If you are not, please follow these steps. Start your application process at least 30 days in advance:
Go to:
Click on Charity Gaming in the bottom left panel.
Scroll to the bottom third of page and click on Charity Gaming Forms.
The form you will need is
 CG-EN Exempt Activity Notification.

Copies that will need to go in with your form are:
501© status letter
Membership roster (from OI website)
List of dates/times/events

You can apply for 3 separate events for the year in which the total
prize value (donated or purchased) cannot be more than $2500 per event. OR you can attach an annual plan, have unlimited events, but the total prize value for the year cannot exceed $7500, note that no single event can exceed $2,500 prize value.

There is no cost to this. It is an annual application. There are no extra reports to file or separate bank account to keep.

If your Club intends to offer prizes in excess of $7500 for the year, or more than $2500 for one event, then a Gaming License is required. This has more parameters, including fees and additional documentation.

Important Notes:
Tickets cannot be sold or collected online.
You cannot collect using an online service.

Gaming cannot be sold/paid for with a credit card. (Player must use Debit card, business or personal check or cash).
Gaming items to be used must be purchased through a licensed
distributor (raffle tickets are exempt).

Gaming items cannot be ‘reused’.

To reach the Gaming Commission by phone: Voice (371) 233-0046