Welcome, New Optimists!

Optimist International Leadership Development Orientation Episode 1 The Creed, Mission & Vision . Join Tracy Huxley, Janet White and Kris Kirkes as they explore the Optimist Creed, mission and vision.

Optimist Opportunities Join Ginny Ricker, Marlene Phillips and Mike Boles as they discuss opportunities available to Optimist members. and vision.

Optimist Responsibilities Join Kris Kirkes, Lister Florence and Bonnie Jean Sherbert as they discuss the responsibilities to which Optimists commit.

The Optimist Foundations Join Ginny Ricker and Marlene Phillips as they discuss the Optimist International Foundation and the Children’s Canadian Optimist Foundation and how they help Optimist Clubs.

Optimist Resources Join Janet White, Marlene Phillips, Mike Boles, Liz Christman and Bonnie Jean Sherbert as they discuss the multitude of resources available to Optimist members.